Month: July 2023

Are lasers illegal in NYC?

Laser pointers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their various applications. However, the legality of laser pointers varies from one jurisdiction to another. In this article, we will explore whether lasers are illegal in New York City (NYC). Lasers and the Law in NYC In NYC, the use of laser pointers is … Read more

What is the correct lip liner?

Lip liner is a versatile cosmetic product that can enhance your lips and make them look more defined. It can help prevent your lipstick from bleeding or feathering and can also give your lips a fuller or more contoured appearance. However, choosing the correct lip liner can be a bit overwhelming with so many options … Read more

Why am I more hairy after laser?

Laser hair removal is a popular method for reducing hair growth on various parts of the body. However, some individuals may notice increased hair growth after undergoing laser treatments. This can be confusing and frustrating, but there can be several reasons why this happens. 1. Post-treatment shedding After a laser hair removal session, it is … Read more