Benefits of Microblading

Eyebrows are essential in beauty as they frame our faces, convey emotion, and add depth to our expressions. Achieving flawless brows can be difficult, but eyebrow microblading in Melbourne offers a solution. This technique promises to transform sparse, uneven brows into perfectly sculpted works of art.

Eyebrow Microblading Melbourne

What is microblading?

Eyebrow microblading Melbourne is a permanent makeup procedure that enhances eyebrows by depositing pigment into the skin. The process involves using a handheld tool with fine needles to create hair-like strokes. While it is considered a tattoo, microblading differs from other permanent makeup treatments. A microblade is used instead of a rotary machine for a more natural hair stroke effect. This technique is excellent for defining, shaping, and filling in sparse or uneven eyebrows for a fuller and more symmetrical appearance.

Who can get microblading?

Brow microblading provides notable benefits for:


  • This is for individuals with thin eyebrows to enhance their appearance and create a look of fuller brows.
  • Microbladed eyebrows can help balance asymmetrical brows and restore a more even and symmetrical shape.
  • People seek to change the shape or colour of their eyebrows.
  • Microblading provides a solution for individuals with busy schedules or limited time for their daily makeup routines by giving them the convenience of waking up to well-groomed brows.
  • Microbladed brows offer a long-lasting solution for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and want to maintain great brows.
  • Individuals experiencing hair loss for various reasons such as alopecia, chemotherapy, or natural causes.


Benefits of microblading procedure

Long-lasting results

Eyebrow microblading Melbourne can last for 2-3 years. This is longer than most beauty treatments, which require frequent salon visits. With microblading, you only need a few touch-ups to maintain your results for years.

Saves you money

As mentioned, opting for a treatment like microblading every couple of years can save you money compared to regular monthly treatments. Consider investing in eyebrow blading to save money in the long run.

Saves time in the morning

Microbladed eyebrows can save time in your morning routine by eliminating the need to meticulously draw them on, giving you more time to relax before starting your day.

Microblading is safe

Eyebrow microblading, when done by a licensed esthetician, has few risks. The ink used is organic and fades over time. Ensure the esthetician uses organic inks to lower the risk of skin reactions. Ask questions and be aware of what is being used on your body.

Use short sessions to save time

Microblading brows is a quick and non-invasive treatment that typically takes 1 ½ hours to complete. Your esthetician will discuss the desired look for your brows and, once approved, will begin the procedure. You can expect to have new, beautiful brows in a short amount of time.

Painless Procedure

Despite the term "microbladed," the procedure is relatively painless and has minimal recovery and aftercare requirements. Numbing creams will be used during the microblading to ensure your comfort. Stay relaxed during the appointment. Follow these steps for simple aftercare after getting your eyebrows microbladed.

Melbourne Eyebrow Microblading

  • It is essential to avoid getting the microbladed area wet for up to 10 days, including keeping your face dry during a shower.
  • It is recommended to avoid wearing makeup for at least seven days as the pigments are still settling into the shallow cuts in the skin caused by the blading.
  • Avoid picking at scabs or scratching the eyebrow area.
  • Refraining from swimming and excessive sweating until the area fully recovers is recommended.
  • Ensure that your hair is not touching your forehead.
  • Follow the instructions given by your microblading technician and apply any medicated cream or healing balm provided.


Won't smudge or smear

Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup, microblade eyebrows involve implanting pigment into three layers of skin, which results in longer-lasting results. Once healed, you can resume normal activities such as sweating and swimming without affecting the appearance of your eyebrows. The pigment will fade gradually over 2-3 years.