Eyeliner tattoo gone wrong

You dreamed of a beautiful tattoo, went to the nearest salon, and endured two-hour cosmetic procedures. Time has passed, and everything has healed, but the result is disappointing. Unfortunately, this happens if the master did not consider something or even violated it.

Melbourne Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

Causes of unsuccessful tattoo eyeliner

In permanent makeup, there are no moments the tattoo artist can exclude and get a perfect result. Each flawless work is a set of all components of the ideal outcome. If the permanent makeup artist performed poorly or missed it, cosmetic tattoos will be less effective.
There are several probable reasons why Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo will be far from ideal:
The performer made a mistake in the choice of technique. If an insufficiently experienced specialist performed the work, this is entirely possible and is a fairly common mistake.
A mistake in the selection of pigment. It is essential not only to choose the best shade for a particular person. It is also necessary that the colouring agent is of the highest quality and is injected to the optimum depth.
Features of the client's body. However, sometimes, they can not be predicted, or clients deliberately hide them from the master. For example, chronic diseases or relative and absolute contraindications to the procedure PM.
If the client has too strong a lymph flow, the dye may likely heal unevenly and partially come out of the skin.
Incorrect choice or amount of anaesthetic. If the skin is hardened after anaesthesia, there is a chance that the result will also be of poor quality.

Sometimes, the problem is not in the actions of the master. For example, if the client himself removed the exfoliating crusts too early, the healing will not go according to plan. Consequently, gaps may appear, and the contour will change. This is why following experienced professional recommendations and observing simple precautions is essential.

Recommendations for correcting unsuccessful permanent makeup

Before you start a permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne session, you need to determine what shape and colour you want to get as a result. They must suit you. Professional tattoo artists use modern techniques of permanent eyeliner and certified pigments for their correction and overlapping.

The first stage of work is removal. For this task, special lasers and chemical removal creams are used. The master determines what is better to apply in a particular situation - remover or laser. The impact on the skin is carried out under anesthesia. Therefore, discomfort in the process is almost insensible.

The choice of removal method and the number of procedures are determined individually. The cost of correcting unsuccessful permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne is much higher, so it is always necessary to carefully consider the choice of a Permanent makeup studio. It is possible to clarify the information over the phone. There is an option on our website to choose a free call. We will call you back and answer all your questions.

What not to do when tattooing fails tattoo correction

  • Do not try to remove permanent makeup yourself - using superficial means (peels, scrubs) will not help, and introducing various chemicals under the skin will lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Removing or correcting unsuccessful tattooing is categorically not recommended before completely healing the skin. Firstly, during this period, the final result is not yet clear, and secondly, the skin's reaction can be unexpected and far from positive.
  • Do not overlap flesh-coloured shades that are too dark or have densely laid pigment. Even if the result is entirely satisfactory to the client at first, it is more likely that the dark colour will come out after some time.
  • It is better not to try to overlap the tattoo, which was also performed to cover the previous unsuccessful permanent makeup. In this case, removing it and performing it again is recommended.

When you can't fix a botched tattoo tattoo correction

Eyeliner tattooing cannot be corrected by correction application of a new colour or neutraliser in the following cases:

  • The shape of the old tattoo extends beyond the contours of the desired new tattoo;
  • The pigment is introduced into the deep layers of the skin;
  • saturated dark colour of the dye.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

In these cases, to correct the botched eyeliner tattoo, one will have to resort to its removal and perform a new permanent makeup eyeliner tattoo at the client's request.