Lip Blushing

Lip blushing Melbourne is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves depositing pigments into the lips using a delicate tattoo technique, lasting up to 3-4 years. It is a cosmetic enhancement rather than a traditional tattoo. Lip Blush is a cosmetic treatment that can enhance the natural lip colour, correct asymmetry and definition, and address fading colours associated with aging.

Lip Blushing Melbourne

Colours and designs are tailored to suit each client.

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There is a lot of focus on lips in the beauty world. Some women like bold red lipstick, while others prefer neutral colours. A semi-permanent cosmetic lip treatment offers a way to skip daily lipstick, balm, and gloss. It also does not require frequent retouching.

The Lip Blush Tattoo treatment has become popular on social media for its ability to create fuller-looking lips and streamline makeup routines. Waking up with subtly tinted lips can boost some individuals' confidence.

What is a lip blush tattoo?

The technique of Lip blushing Melbourne is similar to semi-permanent lip tattooing. The pigment is deposited into the lips with a tiny needle to add colour. The colour is typically deposited 1-2mm into the skin, resulting in a soft and healed appearance. Lip blushing gives the illusion of a younger-looking, more defined Lip with a flattering tint. It provides a more natural look compared to fillers and is cost-effective.

What is the length of a lip blush procedure?

A lip blushing treatment is semi-permanent, lasting around 3-5 years. The longevity varies from person to person. Sun exposure, smoking, and lip exfoliation can cause the pigment to fade faster. Clients often get a colour refresh every 2-3 years for more definition or a brighter colour.

 Process of a lips tattoo procedure

The Lip Blushing procedure typically requires two sessions, each lasting around two hours, for optimal results.

During your initial appointment, the Artist will consult with you to choose the ideal lip shade. The design will be customized, and the area will be mapped to ensure the shape meets your expectations. A topical anesthetic will be applied to numb any discomfort during the procedure. It will be re-applied regularly throughout the treatment for your comfort.

During lip blushing, pigment is added to the lips using a tiny needle and a digital cosmetic tattoo machine. Layers of colour are applied to ensure an even tone, and aftercare guidelines are provided once the desired result is achieved.

A touch-up session is recommended 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment to complete the treated area. The colour is evaluated during this appointment, and adjustments can be made to enhance brightness and definition if needed.

Does it Hurt?

Some people believe that "beauty is pain," but discomfort is minimal with a lip blush treatment. Many clients report little to no pain and fall asleep during the treatment.

Is lip tattoo procedure effective on all skin tones?

Lip blushing can be effective on all skin tones, but individual results may vary. You should consult your Artist to determine the most suitable lip blush colour for your skin tone to achieve the desired outcome.

What is the cosmetic lip tattoo cost?

The cost of this beautifying investment varies depending on the Artist's qualifications and location. A bespoke service can be obtained for 750 AUD, with an initial procedure cost of 600 AUD and a subsequent session cost of 150 AUD.

Preparing for a lip blush treatment

If you are eligible for the procedure, ensure your lips are in good condition. They should be healthy, hydrated, soft, and smooth. If necessary, use lip balm or scrub regularly. If your lips are chapped, wait for them to heal before starting treatment.

For optimal results, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks and stimulants like caffeine within 24 hours of each diet session.

Aftercare may be necessary

Aftercare is essential for proper healing. You must follow the aftercare instructions for one week. It is usual for your lips to appear darker than expected during this time.

As your lips heal, the darkness will fade away. Some dryness may occur as the skin regenerates. Avoid picking at your lips to prevent scarring and uneven tone. Let the top layer of skin shed naturally, and allow your lips to heal. Avoid sweating and excessive sun exposure during this time.

What are the potential side effects?

It is essential to be aware that there are risks associated with any permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedure, such as infection and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is crucial to seek out a qualified and experienced artist.

The most common side effects of Lip blushing are minor. They include swelling and redness in the area. Swelling typically goes away in 24-48 hours. An Aftercare pack will be given with soothing cream for daily application on the lips for one week.

Melbourne Lip Blushing

Is Lip Blushing a Beneficial Procedure?

Adding a soft colour to your lips can give you a bright, youthful look and even out any asymmetry. We aim to provide a customized service to meet your desires and needs. Contact us for a satisfying and comfortable lip blush experience that goes beyond your expectations.